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Aversi Pharmacy: pushing healthcare products to the next level

We developed a healthcare product pusher for Aversi Pharmacy, a leading pharmaceutical company in Georgia. They offer  innovative medical solutions, have their own modern clinics and 260 pharmacy shops in total.


Aversi Pharmacy wants to be leading in all services they offer. They are looking to upgrade the product presentation in their shops. Not only to keep the shelves neatly organised, but also to safe time in shelf maintenance for the staff. Time they can spend helping the customers.


When we showed Aversi Pharmacy our SimpleClick shelf management solutions, they were directly impressed and interested. We decided to start with one full shop installation. The shop at Vazha-Pshavala Ave. 9 in Tbilisi was chosen to make the installation. We advised them to start with pushers in three product categories: Toothpaste, Baby food and Shampoo. In the other productgroups we installed only dividers for optimised shelf organisation. Together with a motivated team of inhouse merchandisers, the installation was successfully executed in two days.

Customer response:

The results are already very promising. Staff on the shop floor were directly very enthusiast about the results. After monitoring the effects and evaluation Aversi Pharmacy will decide in what product groups they are going to use SimpleClick as standard for their shops.

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