T-profiel schap Deen

Deen: all shelves use a single system

Deen is a chain of supermarkets with 72 stores in North Holland, Flevoland, Gelderland and South Holland. Deen has been a loyal customer of many CoolPresentation solutions for many years.


Deen asked us to create a solution for those stores that use Wanzl shelves, so that they could also be equipped with the SimpleClick Universal system – a system already frequently in use in Deen stores with Van Keulen shelves. Flexibility is very important for many retailers, and also for Deen. One way of achieving flexibility is to limit the number of materials used. The request was therefore to develop a T-profile specifically for Wanzl shelves so that Deen can use our Universal system in all its stores.


We have developed two new T-profiles, specifically for the Wanzl shelves. This has made it possible for SimpleClick Universal to be used in all Deen stores. All new stores and those undergoing renovation will from now on use this system, thus ensuring uniformity throughout the Deen organisation regarding the use of materials.

Customer response:

“CoolPresentation does not shy away from tailor-made work.”
Corné Houtman – Account Manager

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