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EDEA Hypermarket: fully equipped with SimpleClick


Our Bulgarian partner EGE-Group has been asked by EDEA Hypermarket to help them design and develop a brandnew concept for their newest Hypermarket in Ruse, Bulgaria. EGE-Group is the regular partner for many store solutions including shop design, branding, communication, check-outs and many more.


Together with EGE we developed a plan. In total we offered complete SimpleClick shelf management solutions for 23 product groups. All three SimpleClick systems were offered: Fresh for all chilled cabinet presentations, Light for cosmetics, babyfood, herbs and light weighted bags/sacs presentation and Universal for all other products groups like chocolate, cookies, pet food, sauces, mixes and many more.

EGE-Group was given free insight on using SimpleClick there were presentation was optimized by using shelf management and especially pushers. They believed in the added value of a 24/7 perfect product presentation with minimum of costs in shelf maintenance and a full self-selling presentation on any time of the day. This resulted in a complete SimpleClick installation in more than 18 product groups.

Customer response:

EDEA Retail was really thrilled about the presentation and usage of our solutions. A nice concept store was born. The combination of quality, simple installation and optimized product presentation made them a happy customer.

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