pusher system for light-weight products

Kontigo presents light-weight boxes properly

Looking for a pusher system for light-weight products? RETO, our Polish partner, has been supplying Kontigo for some while now with our SimpleClick Universal pusher solutions for the Face Mask product category. With success, they are really content with the increased sales results combined with the much improved product presentation. Because of this success Kontigo challenged RETO to also offer a solution for the product category Eye Lash make-up.

Small light-weight boxes that -without proper shelf management- are all over the shelves in the stores. We offered them SimpleClick Light, dividers and pushers. Presented on an acrylic shelf with an upright angled edge in front to create an optimal visibility for the customer, so they could find the right one without the need to touch all boxes. Kontigo were directly very enthusiast and eager to use this in all shops. Nice news they shared with us: Kontigo has planned to open 40 brandnew stores in Poland this year.

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