Face masks product presentation

Kontigo Poland pushes face masks spot on!

Our Polish partner RETO has started cooperation with Kontigo, a fast growing health and beauty retail organisation in Poland.

The product group face masks is always a challenge in presentation. The soft and unstable packaging makes it difficult to be presented upright easily. Kontigo asked our partner to help them with a solution to improve this presentation.

After some testing we advised them to use SimpleClick Universal system with pushers. With pushers, the products are always presented upright and slightly angled which give a perfect eye-catching product presentation. Also with low stock the shelves appear to be full: this boosts sales 24/7. Spot on!

After a trial installation the results were extremely positive. Customers and staff on the shop floor were very enthusiast about the results. Kontigo decided to use this as standard in all new shops. Because of the fact sales performance were improving so significantly, also the presentation in ‘old’ shops will be replaced.

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EDEA Hypermarket: fully equipped with SimpleClick
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Kontigo loves SimpleClick

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